Six new content families added from Ideal Boilers

Six new content families added from Ideal Boilers

Posted 22nd July 2015 by BimStore

Six families worth of new Ideal Boilers BIM content spanning 17 listings has been added to bimstore.

The new product lines added this week include: Logic; Logic+; Independent, Solar Panels, Thermstore and Vogue. We're fighting the urge to reference Madonna, don't worry.

All of the uploads are compatible with the Autodesk Revit software platform and of course, they are free to download like the entirety of out the UK's original BIM library.

Free BIM objects from other manufacfturers can also be found over at, our new Stateside expansion that launched today. More details on that here.

These objects will be featured alongside newbie products from Karndean and more companies over at BIMcrunch as part of their bimstore Brief feature that will drop at the end of the month. Don't forget to check that out and the rest of the content over at our sister site!

Have fun downloading these new listings - they will be 'ideal' additions to your BIM models!

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