DWT Series Swirl Diffuser

Model:DWT Series Swirl Diffuser
Software:revit 2013
Last Updated:18 Mar 2014

Further Information

The DWT Series of swirl diffusers have been designed for the supply of cooled or warmed air to a wide range of commercial applications.

A high level of induction is achieved allowing supplied air to mix more thoroughly with room air, closer to the diffuser.

By adjusting the setting of individual radial nozzles different distribution patterns can be created. A matching extract version is also available without nozzles.

The diffuser comprises a circular array of black plastic supply nozzles fitted within a square steel panel. Nominal size is determined by the number of nozzles and the overall face size of the diffuser.

All diffuser sizes are available within a 594mm square panel to fit directly into 600mm square T-bar suspended ceiling systems.

Smaller nominal sizes may be supplied within 294mm square, 394mm square or 494mm square panels. The DWT Series diffusers can be supplied with matching side or top entry plenum boxes, with or without perforated volume control dampers.

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Other peoples comments

Ermintrude  Bimstore Cow

Ermintrude Bimstore Cow

23rd October 2015 10:48

Hi Umit -
Thanks for pointing this out to us, we really appreciate it. Feedback like this is critical to ensure we meet and exceed quality expectations.

As a thank you we would like to send you through a highly coveted Golden Moo. One of our team will be in touch.


Umit Balaban

Umit Balaban

23rd October 2015 9:06

This companent is good. But in Revit MEP family you have to be careful about these specs.
1. Your family category must match with it is category. This family saved as a Duct Fitting but it is not duct fitting. It is a air terminal.
2. Your Duct or Pipe connections must be correct. If they are not correct it will be useless. You add a connector bıt you did not control your flow confg, system class, or loss method.