Brecon Junior School Toilets

Manufacturer:Cubicle Centre
Model:Brecon Cubicle System
Software:revit 2013
Last Updated:29 Jan 2016
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Further Information

Combining creativity with added safety features, Brecon is the preferred choice of cubicle system for Junior School washrooms.

With low-height doors providing improved supervision, these cubicles help create a fun and safe washroom environment for children.

Anti-trap hinges and latches as standard with a bright selection of MFC panel colours.

Complete dividing partitions now supplied as standard at 1500mm (deep). Instance parameters for alternative side panels and doors.

Version 9 – Reduced file size with usability and colour library improvements based on feedback. Cubicle Centre BIM objects are up to date with industry standards and include manufacturer Type and Component data compliant with the COBie Responsibility Matrix (Version 17).

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