Today is the day - the #bimstoreparty throws open its doors

Today is the day - the #bimstoreparty throws open its doors

Posted 2nd December 2015 by BimStore

It’s been a while in the planning but yes, tonight is finally the night we’ve been waiting for – the bimstore party at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. Before that though, there is work to be done!

Day 2 at Autodesk University today – if you’ve not visited the bimstore booth then make sure you stop by today.  You’ll find us at booth 960 but we’re not too hard to spot – we’ll be the ones with the big yellow ball pit.

Yes, you did hear right.

Stop by and if you’re feeling that way inclined, why not #GrabOurBalls? You could win a prize and there’s even an Apple Watch up for grabs.  Feeling lucky?

There was some fantastic feedback from Day 1, if you check out our Twitter feed you’ll even be able to find some video clips of some epic ball pit diving – kind of the BIM equivalent of diving into a mosh pit. Maybe.

You’ll find an album of photos over on Facebook which will continue to update over the next few days. If you spot yourself, let us know!

Make sure you get a demo of Warboard while you’re there – the new clash detection management platform from Space Applied Technologies. It’s a brand new product, just launched at Autodesk University so you can be one of the first to see it in action. Why not tweet them your feedback?

For those of us not lucky enough to be in attendance at the party tonight (or perhaps really we should be considered lucky seeing as there’s a hot tub and talk of mankinis...) make sure you keep an eye on the #bimstoreparty hashtag on Twitter for party updates and


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