New content added to bimstore by Guttercrest

New content added to bimstore by Guttercrest

Posted 27th July 2018 by Ryan Young

Guttercrest have added to their existing BIM catalogue with two new additions, the Raked Box Gutter and Raked Box Gutter Corner.

The Aluminium Raked Box Gutters have a sloping face to the front of the gutter, giving a striking impression to the eaves of the building. 

There are eight standard sizes of both the Raked Box Gutter and Raked Box Gutter Corner as well as the option to have an infinite amount of sizes manufactured to suit your project requirements. 




Standard sizes include: 

  • 100 x 75mm / 4"x3"
  • 100 x 100mm / 4"x4"
  • 125 x 100mm / 5"x4"
  • 150 x 100mm / 6"x4"
  • 150 x 150mm / 6"x6"
  • 200 x 150mm / 8"x6"
  • 200 x 200mm / 8"x8"
  • 300 x 200mm / 12"x8"

See the full BIM range from Guttercrest

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