Download the bimstore Eye today!

Download the bimstore Eye today!

Posted 17th April 2018 by BimStore

Have you given it a try yet?

The bimstore Eye is our Augmented Reality user experience which allows you to view 3D representations of bim content, and visualise construction products from our online library of manufacturers and objects, to ensure they are perfect for your project models! By simply hovering the app's camera function over the brochure of featured products a 3D representation will appear on your screen. 

Featuring several of your favourite manufacturers, such as CraneIdeal Standard and Grohe!

The new modern user interface the app is much easier to use and due to Tracker Recognition being vastly improved, the tracking is 3x faster and more robust when the target object is obscure or out of view. A sectioning tool has also been added and now all new objects in the app will also include the object’s data.

Now, it wouldn’t be bimstore without a little fun, would it? That’s why our in-app points system and leaderboard adds a competitive edge to the app. Allowing you to earn points when scanning an object for the first time and adding it to your BIM Deck. Points are allocated depending upon the rarity of the object scanned!

The bimstore Eye is available for free from the App Store or the Google Play Store for Android! To enable you to test the Eye out for yourself, click here to download example trackers.

If you would like to know more about the bimstore Eye or have any feedback, contact us via email or send us a tweet!

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