Connect with bimstore!

Connect with bimstore!

Posted 13th April 2016 by BimStore

We’re a busy team here at bimstore and there’s always a lot going on – whether that’s telling you about the latest BIM objects to land, letting you know who the latest manufacturer is or simply telling you what we’ve been up to or what is in store.

We like to keep you informed which is why you can find bimstore in all manner of places. We’d really love for you to connect with us on our social media accounts where you will also be able to connect with others, get the latest scoop, discuss industry developments and find out about the latest bimstore content.

By subscribing to our YouTube channel, following our tweets or liking our Facebook page you can make sure that you are always up to date with the latest goings on!

Facebook –  Like our page and stay informed with what’s happening at bimstore – if you’ve been downloading and using our BIM objects why not show us and leave a message on our wall?

Twitter Follow us on Twitter for daily updates, industry insights and witty conversation...give us feedback on our content or ask us a question - we're a friendly bunch and always happy to help.

YouTube – See the latest bimvids by subscribing to our channel – see BIM content in action!  Let us know if there's anything else you'd like to see.

LinkedIn – Follow bimstore on LinkedIn to get all the latest news as well as employee news and recruitment.

Pinterest – Pin, like and comment on your favourite bimstore BIM Objects. Follow our profile or boards!

Instagram – See snapshots of bimstore life and plenty of Ermintrude selfies over on our Instagram account.

About bimstore:
bimstore is the UK’s original BIM object library. Developed by specifiers for specifiers, we create and host high quality manufacturer specific BIM content, making it easy to browse and download the world’s best collection of BIM components. If you need any help with BIM content creation then get in touch with the bimstore team today.

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