Come all ye content creators - we're hiring!

Come all ye content creators - we're hiring!

Posted 4th November 2014 by BimStore

Content creation has always been an important facet of our activities, allowing manufacturers with only shallow experience with BIM to get their products on our library regardless. We’ve built up a first-class reputation doing exactly this, and we want to maintain it with the addition of a new team member.

As a content creator, you’ll be working with various BIM platforms to build objects for our partners. Our library is populated by a huge variety of objects, so we expect you to be proficient in making doors and windows, but also pipe fittings, wash basins and many types of furniture.

This is a full-time position, and you'll be working in close co-ordination with existing team-members. bimstore is made up of vibrant personalities, and of course a life-size yellow cow. We can confirm Ermintrude has a permanent place in the office, though she mostly keeps herself to herself...

Interested? Apply now, with examples of your work, via

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