Bosch Commercial and Industrial Heating join bimstore

Bosch Commercial and Industrial Heating join bimstore

Posted 28th September 2015 by BimStore

Today we’re happy to let you know that another fantastic manufacturer, Bosch Commercial and Industrial Heating, has joined the bimstore ranks.

Bosch is one of world's leading manufacturers of heating products so where better to host their BIM content than one of the world’s leading BIM libraries?

In the UK, Bosch industrial heating is part of Bosch Thermotechnology Ltd., a company that specialises in providing complete system solutions for the commercial and industrial heating sectors. Their strength of innovation, quality awareness and efficiency are the benchmarks for their product range and services.  You’ll find Bosch boiler systems in practically every industry - they have more than 100,000 installed in over 140 countries with global customers like Coca Cola, Siemens, Nestle and Esso relying on their innovate and industrial systems.

Joining bimstore today, Bosch has brought two of their popular systems, the Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Modules and the UNIMAT UT-L Steel Hot Water Boilers.

Bosch's highly effective cogeneration CHP modules and compact power units which, through the clever combination of the reciprocating engine and generator, optimised hydraulics and an intelligent control system, makes them an energy efficient technology for present and future requirements.  The download available on bimstore contains Revit components for modules from 12kWE up to 400kWe.

The UNIMAT UT-L three-pass design has proven its worth for industrial heating systems. These versatile steel boilers are CE certified and are designed and equipped in compliance with the European Pressure Equipment Directive. Ideal for hospitals, offices, residential blocks and other industrial heating systems, it’s high level of flexibility makes this boiler ideally suitable for use as a reserve and peak load boiler within power stations and combined heat and power plants. 

The BIM objects from Bosch Commercial and Industrials Heating are live on bimstore now, so why not head over to their manufacturer page and check them out!


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