bimstore and UNIFI - Partnership Announcement

bimstore and UNIFI - Partnership Announcement

Posted 14th November 2017 by Natalie Hood

bimstore teams up with UNIFI to increase the availability of high-quality BIM content for AECs and extend the global reach of manufacturers’ BIM content

Our new content partnership will enable building product manufacturers to connect with a broader audience of AECs and provide designers with content that meets their regional standards. 

Continuing our commitment to increasing the availability of tested manufacturer BIM content for Architects, Engineers, Contractors and Building Owners, bimstore is pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with UNIFI, a content and data management platform.

With its data-driven cloud platform, UNIFI Core, UNIFI Labs provides AECs across the globe with a single source of truth for creating, accessing and managing their design assets. Design leaders at organisations leveraging UNIFI to manage their design assets can also subscribe to manufacturer content sources through UNIFI Connect, giving their users access to BIM content created by manufacturers. The partnership will provide UNIFI Core users with the ability to subscribe to the quality manufacturer content hosted on the bimstore platform through UNIFI Connect.

Leading design professionals and AEC firms who leverage the digital content and associated data available in bimstore’s and UNIFI Connect’s building product libraries will benefit from access to a combined database of high quality manufacturer digital content built to specific regional standards. The resulting library will enable architects, engineers and contractors to accelerate the design lifecycle of their projects by accessing content with up-to-date data that can be inserted directly into models.

“Partnering with the bimstore team enables tested design assets to be shared on one another’s platforms, reducing the risk of specifiers using outdated product data,” said Mark Eslinger, CTO of UNIFI Labs. “The bimstore team has done a tremendous job of building and supplying quality BIM content to the UK & EU regions, and UNIFI’s global customer base will find tremendous value in having ready access to that content directly within the UNIFI platform. Access to quality design content is critical to advancing AEC organizations’ BIM advancement, and this partnership greatly increases the reach of our respective content libraries.”

The partnership will go live in Q1 2018 reinforcing our ongoing commitment to building a Connected BIM ecosystem within the building industry through collaboration with likeminded partners, like UNIFI, who are focused on increasing the efficiency and profitability of the building industry.

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