BIMcrunch interviews Julie Donaldson, voice of <b>bim</b>store's Ermintrude

BIMcrunch interviews Julie Donaldson, voice of bimstore's Ermintrude

Posted 15th May 2014 by BimStore

When we launched bimstore 3.0 earlier this year, we knew that it was time to push Ermintrude, the bimstore cow, into the limelight. When given the choice between a stuffy, indistinct storefront and a playful website that's a joy to browse, we picked the latter. Thus, Ermintrude appears in the the bimstore introduction video, and she even has her own Twitter page.

But behind every charming cartoon character, there's a voice actor deserving of credit. Julie Donaldson provides Ermintrude with her voice, and BIMcrunch, ever eager to get the latest BIM-related scoop, decided to interview her. You can listen to BIMcrunch editor Jack White's free-ranging (heh) conversation with Julie here.

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