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Featured News: Welcoming our new Sales Director, Paul Quinn to bimstore

We are pleased to announced the appointment of Paul Quinn, our new Sales Director

Featured News: In-House Development Team at bimstore

Find out exactly what our Developers are capable of..

Featured News: GERARD Roofs - Now live on bimstore!

Welcoming our latest manufacturer, GERARD Roofs to the bimstore family

Featured News: Introducing Moores, now live on bimstore!

Moores are a furniture manufacturer and has a reputation for high quality kitchen and housing cabinets...

Featured News: Geberit now live on bimstore!

European market leader for sanitary products, Geberit, now live on bimstore!

Featured News: Proteus Waterproofing now live on bimstore!

Welcoming one of the most innovative, fast growing waterproofing companies, Proteus...