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Featured News: Lloyd Worrall Doors with user-selectable Ironmongery sets now live

Architectural hardware manufacturers Lloyd Worrall are the latest names to be added to bimstore, and their 18 BIM object families are some of the most exciting to ever hit our library.

Featured News: Another day, another new manufacturer in Kingspan Tarec

Kingspan Tarec add pipe insulation to bimstore's established library

Featured News: bimstore to be represented at Sleep's 'The Hotel Design Event'

The original BIM content library bimstore are to be present at a leading hotel design event later this week.

Featured News: New valve BIM objects from KEMPER now online

Three new valve BIM objects from KEMPER have been added to the UK's original BIM content library.

Featured News: New Jaga Heating BIM objects now live

Jaga Heating Products expand content range on bimstore.

Featured News: Come all ye content creators - we're hiring!

bimstore is looking to maintain its reputation for first-class content creation with the addition of a new team member. Interested? Apply now through

Featured News: Usability improvements now live for several Cubicle Centre objects

Cubicle Centre has updated six of its bimstore objects to "Version 7", giving specifiers more access to data and an easier time in making alterations.