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Featured News: Register now to attend November's BIM Show Live for Manufacturers

Reasons to come along: 1) we're the sponsors! 2) it's aimed squarely at manufacturers! 3) it's a day out the office!

Featured News: Helping the industry advance with our bimstore masterclasses

What do you get out of attending a bimstore masterclass? The alumni of our latest event, held last week, were given hands-on training by some of the UK's most knowledgeable BIM content creators.

Featured News: Are you following bimstore on Twitter yet?

Our 2,000 followers are told of all the headlines, and the miscellanea, relevant to bimstore. To Twitter you go.

Featured News: Now on bimstore, it's... Harmer Drainage Systems!

We're finishing the week with a new manufacturer, who've made their bimstore debut with 26 pipework products.

Featured News: bimstore objects dominate the front cover of this month's AEC Magazine

More than 120 of our BIM objects feature in a handsome collage adorning the latest issue of AEC Magazine. Click past the cut for an opportunity to count 'em.

Featured News: Four months, four giveaways - complete your profile and win an iPad Mini!

Tell us more about yourself, and the company you’re with, to enter our new monthly prize draw – sponsored by Wienerberger.