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Featured News: Learn BIM over three days with bimstore's masterclass, starting June 18th

We have 15 places going for a masterclass that combines presentations, guest speakers, demos, and hands-on software training. Read the details past the cut.

Featured News: bimstore's May newsletter coming right up...

Our May newsletter, to be emailed out to all our users next week, will unveil three new manufacturers.

Featured News: BIMcrunch interviews Julie Donaldson, voice of bimstore's Ermintrude

She's talked you through the features of bimstore 3.0, but who does Ermintrude's voice really belong to? BIMcrunch editor Jack White found out...

Featured News: Kilsaran joins bimstore

Entering bimstore with three lots of paving flags, this Irish brand has been around for over 50 years.