Download The Bimstore Desktop App

There is now no need to go to a website to search and download quality free BIM content, we can now push the content directly to your design software! We are pleased to announce the launch of the Bimstore Desktop App, giving you access to Bimstore's quality BIM content directly from within your design software!

Free and integrated into your design software!

Autodesk Revit

Initially we are releasing a Revit 2014 & Revit 2015 version (although other versions are currently in testing).

The Desktop app for Autodesk Revit, is the easiest way to search, downlaod and keep up to date with Bimstore content without leaving your design software.


Check out Bimstore Eye!

BimstoreEye is our new Augmented reality application for your phone or tablet, download it and watch bimstore content pop up from manufacturers literature! Download it now on iOS!