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Case Study: Birtley Lintels

Posted 13th November 2018 by Ryan Young

Don’t just take our word for it when we say we know a thing or two about BIM. Take a look at our case studies and testimonials to see how we have helped manufacturers, both big and small; get ready for BIM - with the highest quality BIM objects out there!

From its modest beginnings in 1965, Birtley began as a small structural steel business operating as fabricators for the mining industry. Over the years Birtley has evolved and invested in its manufacturing facilities to become one of the most trusted and recognised brands in the building industry. As a company who pride themselves on delivering innovative solutions, Birtley are committed to adopting the latest working practices and embracing new technology.

Today, as part of the Birtley Group, Birtley Lintels provide the only lintels on the market to be hot-dipped galvanised after fabrication, this ensures that every part of the lintel has a protective layer of zinc and no ‘cut’ edges are exposed. As a leading manufacturer, this is a testiment to the reputation they have as building industry specialists, they commissioned and built one of Europe's most advanced facilities for hot-dip galvanising in 1996 to ensure the quality of the product remains consistent.

The company have always been bold and adventurous, always making sure that they are as accessible to their customers as possible by exploring all avenues and that's why they already had their own BIM models prior to joining bimstore.


"The process of working with bimstore is really easy. Their team of content creators are highly skilled and approachable, with some even working as architects using BIM before joining bimstore. Because of this we are always confident that they have the industry knowledge to author and promote our content to the highest standard."

It's the parametric nature they say, that makes their products more accessible now: "working with bimstore has enabled us to condense the number of objects we offer by adopting a parametric approach to organising the data behind the products. This results in one download that includes the full range of lengths and profiles. It has allowed us to create a series of interactive 3D previews that allow the specifier to explore the product before downloading it.

"In addition to this, it has also provided us with a paltform to further promote and distribute our objects to a wider audience."

Not only are they feeling the benefit of hosting and creating their models elsewhere through a larger audience, but the team at bimstore have made this transition as seamless as possible. "bimstore are passionate about creating quality content and work with you throughout the process to ensure your products are modelled in a way that aids efficiency and reduced cost throughout the design and build process. They take the time to understand your product and how it is used in a construction project."

Working together with bimstore has allowed for regular contact with the team and support with both companies working to create content ready to go live for customers to preview instantly. If you would like to view the full Birtley Lintel range of BIM objects, you can find those under the BIM tab on their website.

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