Blockleys - 65mm Wrekin Buff

Manufacturer:Michelmersh Brick Holdings PLC
Model:Blockleys - 65mm Wrekin Buff
OMNICLASS:23-13 21 00
Software:Revit 2013
Last Updated:31 Jan 2018
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Further Information

Blockleys Brick Ltd was established in 1894 and became part of Michelmersh Brick Holdings plc in 2000. Production capability from its manufacturing base in Telford is approximately 24 million units each year, consisting of extruded wirecut facing bricks, clay paviors and special shaped products.

Blockleys offer their customers the ideal combination of a large range of aesthetically appealing products. If you don't see exactly what you want here then give us a call. We are always happy to discuss bespoke blends for individual projects.

We manufacture a full range of standard Special Shaped Bricks to BS 4729, purpose made specials and cut and bond specials to match all of our brick range. But at Blockleys we believe it's about more than just the products we sell. We also offer design assistance aided by the latest CAD facilities.

Products are currently manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the following British Standards: BS EN 771-1, BS 4729, and BS EN 1344. All of our products offer outstanding properties of total durability, frost resistance and nil efflorescence.

***This Family now complies with Version 15 of the Bimstrore Bible and current industry standards (2017) ***

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