Tessera Helix Carpet Tile

Manufacturer:Forbo Flooring Systems
Model:Tessera Helix Carpet Tile
OMNICLASS:23-15 17 17 15
Software:revit 2013
Last Updated:25 Aug 2015
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Further Information

The silver coloured nylon thread is cleverly juxtaposed with Antron’s solution dyed yarns drawn from a contemporary colour palette comprising greys, taupes, blues and beiges. Inspiration for these 13 muted and subdued colourways is derived from architectural materials and the hues of the modern urban landscape.

Manufactured using advanced Full Repeat Scroll machinery, Helix has an understated linear design which, when fitted quarter turn or tessellated, can deliver rich texture and visual appeal to large open floorspaces. By co-ordinating Helix with Westbond N9000xl or Tessera Acrobat, additional interest can be created through the introduction of break out areas and delineated walkways.

Tessera Helix is available in a 50 x 50cm tile. Other sizes are available on special request please contact Forbo for details.

Revision to thickness of carpet.

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