Spectus Window Systems - Fully Reversible 70mm Window System

Manufacturer:Spectus Window Systems
Model:Fully Reversible 70mm Window
CI/SFB CODE:(31.4)
OMNICLASS:23-17 13 00
Software:revit 2013
Last Updated:29 Sep 2014
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Further Information

Especially designed for medium to high-rise and inaccessible locations, the Spectus fully reversible window will revolutionise the industry with its innovative Aeroframe™ thermal wall technology and its striking deep bevelled appearance.

After extensive market research, our new fully reversible window has been manufactured using low carbon technology. Designed with five chambers in all profiles and fully compatible with Elite 70 suite, it can also incorporate triple seals to maximise thermal performance. The Spectus fully reversible windows is the perfect combination of optimised thermal performance and outstanding aesthetics

This download includes 6 configurations of the Spectus Fully Reversible Window System.

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