Marmoform Coving

Manufacturer:Forbo Flooring Systems
OMNICLASS:23-15 17 17 15
Software:revit 2013
Last Updated:11 Mar 2014
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Marmoform Coving

To give your floor a finishing touch, Forbo offer a collection of high quality covings, flexible profiles and design skirtings.

Pre-formed Marmoleum skirtings add the finishing touch to the floor. When the skirting is welded to the linoleum floor, it ensures a hygienic, watertight floor. The top edge may be covered for hygiene or aesthetic purposes, using WA edging strip. Standard dimensions: 2400 mm length x 50 mm wide base, available in 100 mm heights, others on request. All colours are available from stock in Real and Fresco range; others on request.

Inner and outer corners for Marmoform S can be produced on request. These have the same colours, heights and width as the corresponding S skirtings ordered. Length on the wall: 140 x 140 mm (Inner corner); 100 x 100 mm (Outer corner). Order quantities for standard dimensions (all thicknesses): 7 pieces or multiples

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