L Series Swirl Diffuser

Model:L Series Swirl Diffuser
Software:revit 2013
Last Updated:18 Mar 2014

Further Information

Colman Moducel’s L series circular swirl diffusers constitutes a perfected solution to the problems of high comfort air conditioning of high rooms and in a wide variety of applications.

It’s simple and cost effective design, with adjustable blades via electrical or manual operation in one of five sizes, provides an attractive solution to many air distribution requirements.

In the air conditioning of high rooms e.g. factories, exhibition halls, theatres or sports centres, energy saving requirements call for highly controlled air supply systems.

As there is usually a temperature difference between room and supply air, inertial and gravitational forces that have aerodynamic or thermodynamic effects, have to be taken into account in order to avoid the phenomena of draughts or low temperature areas.

Consequently, when heating, the supply air has to be emitted into the room at a higher velocity and at a different angle than when cooling.

Colman Moducel have developed the L series range of diffusers with the above task in mind, each outlet consists of a round metal nozzle body constructed from a pressed steel cylinder, with a wide, radially extended rim also available to utilise the Coanda effect.

Each unit independent of size has a central mechanism of six blades which are available in steel or in plastic (for sizes 250 to 400 dia).

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