Kingspan Optimo

Manufacturer:Kingspan Insulated Panels
Model:Kingspan Optimo
UNICLASS: 45-60-90/415
Software:revit 2013, IFC, Bentley, Vectorworks, Archicad
Last Updated:29 Apr 2014
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Further Information

Kingspan Optimo represents a dramatic breakthrough in pre-engineered wall systems delivering a clean, smooth and aesthetically appealing modern solution.

Downloads are available for Revit, ArchiCAD, Bentley, Vectorworks, IFC and COBie files for the 600/900/1000 Hz and Vt (LR and RL) Kingspan Optimo Panels.

Please note this download is a large file size and downloading may take a few minutes.

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Other peoples comments

Arron Tucker

Arron Tucker

18th November 2015 13:27

Panel widths will not go below 780 wide, making it difficult to detail a cladding system on a lift shaft where going to get 2 full panel and then maybe 1/3 of panel before a corner.

Daniel Jones

Daniel Jones

5th May 2015 12:25

Being Curtain Wall based family seems to make it difficult to host windows & makes it more difficult to use in general.

Ermintrude  Bimstore Cow

Ermintrude Bimstore Cow

22nd April 2014 8:20


Kingspan's BIM components are available in Revit 2013. Revit files can be upgraded to suit later versions of the software but cannot be saved to earlier versions. The 2013 download will suit compatibility with Revit 2014. Hope this helps and happy downloading! Moooo

Craig Milton

Craig Milton

17th April 2014 0:53

i cannot load any of these Kingspan models in Revit 2014.

Any suggestions?