Kingspan Architectural Wall Panel (AWP) Range

Manufacturer:Kingspan Insulated Panels
Model:Kingspan Architectural Wall Panel (AWP) Range
UNICLASS: 45-60-90/415
Software:revit 2013, IFC, Bentley, Vectorworks, Archicad
Last Updated:20 Mar 2014
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Further Information

The Kingspan Architectural Wall Panel range is available in eleven distinct profiles; far more than the two or three styles previously available to architects on the market.

The full Architectural Wall Panel range consists of the following profiles:

  • Convex,
  • Curvewall,
  • Euro-Box,
  • Flat,
  • Micro-Rib,
  • Mini-Micro,
  • Plank,
  • Tramline,
  • Wave

Downloads are available for Revit, ArchiCAD, Bentley, Vectorworks, IFC and COBie files for the 600/900/1000 Hz & Vt (LR & RL) Kingspan AWP Range (includes Convex, Curvewall, Euro-Box, Flat, Flat-Stucco, Louvre, Micro-Rib, Mini-Micro, Plank, Tramline & Wave).

Please note this download is a large file size and downloading may take a few minutes.

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Other peoples comments

Ulises Soto

Ulises Soto

11th November 2016 2:45

this is the best webpage in the world of BIM!!!

Ross Cardiff

Ross Cardiff

28th September 2016 16:35

It would be great the families actually contained the profile of each panel for visual purposes, Also if you could cut the tops off panels at parapet levels.

Freddy Crooks

Freddy Crooks

27th July 2015 18:24

How do you trim your curtain wall within Revit?

Richard Farley

Richard Farley

19th June 2015 15:09

Not sure if this is just me but I am struggling to place a door within the cladding panels. Would be better if the panels could be used as a wall family not a curtain wall.

Ermintrude  Bimstore Cow

Ermintrude Bimstore Cow

10th November 2014 10:57

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