Interspec Doorset - Detail 10 - Double Leaf

Manufacturer:Lloyd Worrall Group
Model:Interspec Doorset - Detail 10 - Double Leaf
CI/SFB CODE:(31.5)
Software:revit 2013
Last Updated:26 Nov 2014
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Further Information

Interspec Doorsets has been launched to offer a comprehensive design, scheduling and project management support service in delivering to our customers a single source and co-ordinated supply of a fully integrated package including doors, frames, architrave, glazing, architectural ironmongery and access control.

The Interspec Doorset offer is a ‘single source supply’ which is maintained and supported via our long term supply chain partners. All products within the Interspec range conform to the latest British and European Standards as well as meeting the current Building Regulations including HTM 58 (2005), HTM 59, BS8300, Doc M and SENDA (Special Educational Needs and Disability Act 2001).

This revit download contains the Interspec Detail 10 Double Doorset with the following user selectable features;

  • Ironmongery Sets
  • Fire Rating
  • Single / Double Swing
  • Materials
  • Acoustic Rating
  • Architraves, Seals & Extension Linings


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