DWS Series Swirl Diffuser

Model:DWS Series Swirl Diffuser
Software:revit 2013
Last Updated:18 Mar 2014

Further Information

The DWS type swirl diffuser has been designed to supply cooled or warmed air to a wide range of commercial applications.

A high level of induction is achieved due to the pitch of the radial outlet pattern combined with a high relative free area. Temperature and velocity differences between supplied and room air are therefore quickly reduced.

The high relative free area also makes this diffuser type well suited to extract applications.

Circular array of deflection blades are pressed into a square steel panel.

Nominal size is determined by the diameter of the radial outlet pattern and the overall diffuser panel size. Two sizes of outlet pattern are available:

Nominal size 200 has a radial outlet diameter of 350mm and overall panel sizes of 394, 494 and 594mm square respectively.

Nominal size 315 has a diffuser diameter of 500mm and is available only within a 594mm square panel. The 594mm square panel is designed to fit directly into 600mm square T-bar suspended ceiling systems.

The DWS type swirl diffuser can be supplied with matching side or top entry plenum boxes, with or without monoblade volume control dampers.

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