CE Series Linear Slot Diffuser

Model:CE Series Linear Slot Diffuser
Software:revit 2013
Last Updated:18 Mar 2014

Further Information

Colman’s Model CE is a multi-purpose linear slot diffuser suited to a wide variety of applications.

Its simple and costeffective design, with adjustable blades and optional number of slots, means the diffuser will co-ordinate with most building environments, and ensures it can provide an attractive and economic solution to many air distribution requirements.

The CE linear slot diffuser is designed to give continuous air diffusion with a pleasing aesthetic appearance.

Hairline butt joints held by special alignment strips ensure that continuous, unbroken runs of active and dummy sections are readily achieved.

The standard diffuser comprises from one to eight slot sections complete with full length air pattern control blades that allow full adjustment from the face.

Constructed from high quality aluminium extrusion in maximum one piece lengths of 3000mm, the design incorporates keyways for alignment and suspension purposes. End caps are supplied as standard for single piece diffusers and for end sections of continuous runs.

Special profile and angled end caps can be offered.

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