CD Series - Linear Slot Diffuser

Model:CD Series - Linear Slot Diffuser
Software:revit 2013
Last Updated:18 Mar 2014

Further Information

Colman Moducel’s model CD is a high capacity linear slot diffuser with a curved blade profile specifically designed for applications that require high air volumes with short throws. This makes it particularly suited to VAV systems where it’s ability to turndown to 20% of maximum air volume whilst still maintaining effective air distribution is crucial.

The CD diffuser combines excellent performance with a simple, cost effective design to provide an economic solution to a variety of air distribution requirements.

CD linear slot diffuser is designed with no moving parts and is hence tamper proof. It is available in single slot for one way and double slot for two way discharge and has a self supporting hanging method to allow for continuous clip on plenum boxes. The standard diffuser is constructed from high quality aluminium extrusion in maximum one piece lengths of 3000 mm. Continuous lengths are achieved by multiple sections joined by alignment strips giving hairline butt joints. End caps are supplied with single piece diffusers and for end sections of continuous runs. Special profile and angled end caps can be offered. Mitred sections are available as standard.

This download includes both single and double versions of the CD Linear Slot Diffuser

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