CB Series Linear Slot Diffuser

Model:CB Series Linear Slot Diffuser
Software:revit 2013
Last Updated:18 Mar 2014

Further Information

Colman’s Model CB is a high capacity linear slot diffuser suited to a wide variety of applications.
The combination of 25mm wide slots and the unique curved design of the air deflecting vanes enables CB to handle significantly more air per linearmetre than standard slot diffusers.
The advantages of using CB slot diffusers are its use for buildings which require large air change rates and on VAV applications where high turndown ratios are required.

End caps are supplied as standard for single piece diffusers and for end sections of continuous runs.

The CB linear slot diffuser is designed to give continuous air diffusion with a pleasing aesthetic appearance. Hairline butt joints held by special alignment strips ensure that continuous, unbroken runs of active and dummy sections are readily achieved.
The standard diffuser comprises one to six slots (maximum 3 slots in each direction) sections complete with curved, black air pattern control blades which are fitted in 300mm lengths to provide maximum flexibility of air patterns and allows for full adjustment from the diffuser face.
Constructed from high quality aluminium extrusion in maximum one piece lengths of 3000mm, the design incorporates keyways for alignment and suspension purposes.

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