Solid Wall Lintel - INT

Manufacturer:IG Lintels Ltd
Model:Solid Wall Lintel - INT
CI/SFB CODE:(31.9)
Software:Revit 2015
Last Updated:01 Nov 2017
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BIM, Content, Object, Component, bimstore, Revit, 2D, Profile, Detail, Item, 15, IG, Lintel, Lintels, INT, Solid, Wall

Further Information

When using INT 100 nominal building practice should be observed in that one course and the mortar allowed to cure for at least 24 hour before additional loads are applied. Not suitable for floor loads.

This download contans the INT Solid Wall Lintel created by as a 2D Detail Item for IG Lintels.

This component is created in Revit 2015 and is in line with 2015 industry standards. 

The components includes the following types;

  • INT - 100

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