MU800 SG

Manufacturer:Architectural & Metal Systems
Model:MU800 SG
CI/SFB CODE:(31.5)
Software:Revit 2018
Last Updated:07 Dec 2018
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Image of MU800 SG
Image of MU800 SG
Image of MU800 SG
Image of MU800 SG
Image of MU800 SG

Further Information

MU800 SG, Structurally glazed curtain wall is now available as part of a range of facade systems offered by AMS. MU800SG offers a wide range design solutions whilst maintaining flush, external, 21mm sightline. The MU800 SG is designed around our mullion drained curtain wall system. Glazing units are retained securely into position, on all 4 sides, with purposely designed toggle plates which slot into the glass channels. The system has been rigorously tested at Vinci technology centre to all the latest BS, EN and CWCT standards. MU800 SG is available in a range of mullion / transom combinations offering flexibility in deign while ensuring structural integrity. MU800 SG has an external 21mm sight line which contains a flush finish silicone joint. The internal sightline still remains at 55mm which is a design feature of all our MU800 systems. MU800 SG has the facility to incorporate toggled sash inserts which give a smooth flush finish between inserts and fixed glass units. Furthermore, with our special toggle adapter the system has the facility to toggle insulated aluminium panel units.

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