Fully Reversible 70mm Window System

Manufacturer:Profile 22
Model:Fully Reversible 70mm Window
CI/SFB CODE:(31.4)
OMNICLASS:23-17 13 00
Software:revit 2013
Last Updated:29 Sep 2014
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Further Information

Our Fully Reversible window system offers a cost-effective and easy-to-install solution for multi-storey properties and inaccessible locations. Available in 70mm depth and with a 180-degree pivot mechanism, these internally beaded windows completely rotate without impacting the internal room space and in doing so allow for easy and safe cleaning in inaccessible locations.

Especially designed for medium-high rise applications and inaccessible locations, our new Fully Reversible Window has been manufactured using low carbon technology and pioneers our ‘thermal barrier’ technology the secret ingredient to achieving greater thermal performance.

This download includes 6 configurations of the Profile 22 Fully Reversible Window System.


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