Marketing with bimstore

Constantly investigating new avenues and opportunities for you to maximise on your journey into BIM. Whether it’s via the Bimstore website or via case studies, editorials, video’s, exhibitions, web advertising, Apps or BIM-on-a-stick, there’s something for everyone.

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Ways to market

Bimstore is the leading host and distributor of Manufacturers BIM content in the UK, but we can help you maximize this even further by selecting any of the following options.

Featured BIM

Get your BIM featured on bimstore search results, making them more visible for potential specifiers. There are only a limited number of featured listings per month.

Sponsored Content

We offer various sponsored content, such as newsletter sponsorship, email sponsorship, desktop app sponsorship and event sponsorship.

Advertising Space

We can push your latest BIM news or adverts directly into users BIM feeds, increasing your visibility to specifiers and getting your latest news under their noses!


Check out Bimstore Eye!

BimstoreEye is our new Augmented reality application for your phone or tablet, download it and watch bimstore content pop up from manufacturers literature! Download it now on iOS!